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Why I Write: The Makings of This Black Author

I write for comfort.

I write for healing.

I write for vulnerability.

I write for peace of mind.

Writing and music were my first loves. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer. The only thing I wanted to do more than sing was to write; music and stories. They both were ways for me to express myself.

I remember writing stories in elementary school. One story I wrote, Tommy In Trouble, won 3rd place in the school's annual writing contest. I wrote other little stories that also received recognition. In 3rd grade I wrote a holiday story with two other students and we were invited to present at another elementary school.

When I think about it, writing and music have always been my passion. It's funny how life comes full circle. After all my education, working in higher education, doing my fitness work, I came right back to where it all began.

In her song, When It Hurt So Bad, Lauren Hill sings: "And what you need ironically will turn out what you want to be if you just let it." Ain't that the truth?

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