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When I close my eyes to pray, I see a world of possibilities. I see opportunities to begin again, not just with the start of a new year, but with the dawning of each new day.

When I close my eyes to dream, I see colors of gold, crimson, and blue—all the colors of the rainbow—reminding me that the storm is over now, the water has receded, and I can begin anew.

I only need to close my eyes to return to my center and reconnect to my power. I only need to breathe deep and fill my lungs with the air from the creator to remember who I am and all that is good and right with me and my life.

I only need to close my eyes to remember the smiles of loved ones passed with whom I hope to reunite someday. I only need to smile at the thought of them to be transformed back to the love I felt in their presence, to feel my heart rejoice with the hope of the after.

And when I open my eyes to take on a new day I will do so with intention, love, and respect. I will embrace the uncertainties of each new day with a reverence for the creator and an understanding of the gift of life. I will unwrap this gift of time with gentleness and adoration.

Photo by Magda Ehlers (Pexels)

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