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The Equation for Success: Self-love + Self-trust = (Listening to) Your Intuition

"Your first mind is your God mind."

I heard this phrase often growing up. It wasn't until I was an adult in my early 30's that I understood its meaning. It's only been since I turned 40 that I practice it regularly.

The first mind is your intuition. It's that still, small voice you hear in the back of your head; that feeling of uneasiness or certainty you get in your gut. It's always there. Sometimes we choose to ignore it in favor of something or someone we really want, but don't need. And, at other times, the stresses of life bog us down and our minds become so cluttered that we no longer recognize it, but its always there.

We call it women's intuition, but I believe men have it too. I believe as women, though, because of how God created us, ours is stronger, more intense. After all, we are the fairer sex (smiles). Second guessing our decisions can cause minor inconveniences, but in some cases can be detrimental. For example, on your daily commute home you may have an inkling to take a certain path. It's not the normal way you go home, but for some reason you feel you should take a different path. You ignore this feeling in favor of taking your normal route only to find that there is an accident and now you're stuck in traffic, or even better, you end up having to take the path that your first mind told you to take in the first place.

There are sometimes bigger consequences to ignoring your intuition. Like, when you meet someone and your gut is telling you something isn't quite right, but you ignore that feeling in favor of doing what you want; continuing to date this person, or move forward with a business deal even though that still, small voice is telling you otherwise. We've all done it. We've all ignored our intuition.

We have been blessed with our senses for a reason. We have to learn to trust ourselves. We have to trust that our intuition, our God mind, will always lead us in the right direction. We are created in the image of the creator of the heavens and earth. We are more powerful than we know. Everyday I have to remind myself of this. I remind myself of God's love for me and his desire to provide me with the best. This practice also helps with gratitude. I am grateful everyday to God for his loving kindness, his grace and mercy towards me. I am thankful that he chooses to speak to me in this way.

Do you trust yourself? Do you listen to your gut, your intuition? I challenge you to start listening to your intuition today. Trust yourself. You got this!

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2 comentarios

Christie A. Cruise, PhD
Christie A. Cruise, PhD
14 may 2019

Yes!!! Exactly.

Me gusta

Taylor Deed
Taylor Deed
13 may 2019

right on time! I’m currently learning a lesson that my intuition and i had been talking about all along. It is never wrong. It needs no evidence or proof, it tells you from are you going to listen or aren’t you?

Me gusta
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