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It Don't Hurt Now: My Journey of Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

It's been over a year since I published my first book, It Don't Hurt Now: My Journey of Self-Love & Self-Acceptance. I have received emails, social media messages, and online reviews from so many women (and some men) about how inspired they were and empowered they felt after reading my book. This is one of the greatest compliments an author can receive. It truly warms my heart and enkindles my soul to sing when I hear such feedback. This book is an expression of my feelings and vulnerabilities, and I am so appreciative of all the love and support I have received. In this month's post I wanted to share a couple of my favorite pieces from the book.

Photo Taken by Nyara Williams

Arriving at Love

It’s taken me this long.

I look in the mirror at this chocolate skin and I smile.

It’s beautiful.

I can remember a time when I looked in the mirror with such disappointment; sadness.

But, no more.

I’m beautiful.

My skin, my hair, my lips, all of me.

I look at my body; my chocolate body.

It’s beautiful.

This smooth, creamy dark chocolate skin is beautiful.

I touch my thighs, my arms, my breast, all of me.

I’m in love!

To think I believed those lies.

I almost let them destroy me.

I didn’t know those lies were created out of jealousy,

Desire for this beautiful skin.

All this melanin,

Sun-kissed skin,




It's The Little Things


I am grateful for so much.

Movement of my limbs: mobility and the ability to teach fitness classes

Empathy: the ability to understand the experiences of others and show compassion

Selflessness: giving of myself to others to be a blessing to them

Connection to a higher power: relationship with my creator God, the divine

Intellect and intelligence: the ability to reason and to learn

Friends: people who love me no matter what, not because they have to, but because they want to

Music: the ability to hear sound, the ability to connect with the experiences of others through music

My smile: my teeth and my mouth, being a blessing to others through my smile

My figure: my curves and edges, the confidence I feel in my clothes, shapeliness and flaws

Family: a reminder of my growth and development, a link to my past and my journey, learning and

practicing forgiveness

Photo Taken by Nyara Williams

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Christie A. Cruise, PhD
Christie A. Cruise, PhD
Aug 02, 2020

Thank you for your kind words and your support


Unknown member
Aug 02, 2020

Keep sharing your beauty, your wisdom and love. You inspire at so many levels!


Christie A. Cruise, PhD
Christie A. Cruise, PhD
Jun 01, 2020

Thank you so much kcbelle! I appreciate you ❤️


Jun 01, 2020

This was beautiful Christie.. I love reading these! Keep up the good work!!❤️

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